The Foundations for Dave Sullivan Chauffeur Drive were laid in the mid 1980’s by Dave Sullivan when he decided to create Dave Sullivan Chauffeur Drive.

His aim was to offer a top quality chauffeur service in terms of service, refinement, assistance, reliability, discretion and above all safety. These Six principles have been fundamental in the development of Dave Sullivan Chauffeur Drive and make it the elite organisation it is today.

The company owes a lot of its success to the incomparable team of chauffeurs whom are handpicked, highly qualified and perfectly trained. They are always at the disposal of their clients with all of the demands this implies, both in terms of assistance provided and their absolute discretion.

Dave Sullivan Chauffeur Drive strive to surpass rather than meet customer expectations and in doing so have set high standards. We pride ourselves on being able to cater a diverse and high profile customer base.

Our clientele include domestic and international governments, multinational corporations as well as celebrities from the film, television and music industry all of whom call on our services with the peace of mind knowing that their needs will always be met.

Our fleet is the embodiment of elegance and style, in alliance with state of the art engineering and superb on-board facilities. It encompasses some of the world's most exclusive vehicles. We operate primarily with Mercedes-Benz cars and MPVs because of their high safety standards and opulent interiors.